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—The Land Conservancy Looks to the Future —

Dear Members: The summer of 2015 brought us closer to making the Land Conservancy viable for the long term. We have worked diligently to build a strong, solid foundation for our future conservation work.

We seek to grow from an all-volunteer land trust to one led by an executive director to expand our mission to the Southwest Ohio region by absorbing two additional land trusts; and to get help from Cincinnati Nature Center as a strategic conservation partner.

Your support matters

We are encouraged by the positive responses we received from Members when we announced our plans for the future in a mailing in early May. At the Spring Meeting on May 22, we further elaborated on our efforts. Today, the transition is ongoing—a work in progress. Efforts are underway now to attract the all-important funding needed to support our expanded mission.

Securing our future

We would like to share with you some of the reasons to grow our mission—

To greatly increase capacity to protect more family lands, farms and neighborhood greenspaces, we need support for our volunteer efforts. With a professional day-to-day opera­tion, we can protect more of our precious land and water resources.

We want to ensure the Land Conservancy’s permanence. We expect to work with more landowners, and hold and steward more Conservation Easement-protected lands and farms.

Conservation Easements are forever! We will confidently honor our commitment to land­owners to monitor and enforce the CEs protect­ing their properties, and hold future owners to the terms of the easements.

How it all started

Early on, we recognized that the Land Conservancy needed help to accomplish our goal to grow to better serve Hamilton County. We con­tracted with Larry Frimerman, an experienced land trust professional, to advise us. Through this effort, we attracted the interest of Cincinnati Nature Center (CNC) in Milford. This long-established organization soon com­mitted to being a strategic partner, providing a solid backing for our effort. And soon, CNC will provide an office for our organization.

Three become one strong voice

Realizing the opportunity to bring in two more all-volunteer land trusts that share our vision, we agreed to a merger.

In July, we became a regional land trust that brought the merger of Clinton County Open Lands (green on map) and Southern Ohio Farmland Preservation (pink) into the Land Conservancy (gold). The merger integrates our respective assets, expertise, connections and good will for greater reach and effectiveness. Our goal is to become one strong voice for pro­tection of our region’s great natural heritage.

Our reach will be expanded into unserved (blue) and underserved counties in Southwest Ohio. This model of expansion and merger of land trusts is successful in NE Ohio, south­ern Indiana and throughout the country.

Local Councils at work

To continue to support active land conserva­tion in each area, four Local Councils (see map) will be established. Hamilton County will have its own Council that will meet regu­larly. Our work will focus on protecting and monitoring lands in Hamilton County.

Coming soon: a new name!

After much reflection, the merged organiza­tion will be renamed Cardinal Land Con­servancy, in honor of the state bird of Ohio. Revised graphics are being prepared—you will see a new look in upcoming mailings.

Our future needs you

As a Member, you are the backbone of our organization, and will continue to be. The new Board of Directors will include three members of the Land Conservancy’s current Board. They are Roland Johnson (named President), attorney Tim Mara and Eric Russo, Executive Director of The Hillside Trust.

As our new mission evolves, we will share our progress with you.




Local Councils will support active land conservation

that protects quality of lifein 7 SW Ohio counties

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